How it works

What Is Drop Catching?

Each day thousands of expired domain names drop and become available for new registration. Domains drop because their previous owners either forgot to pay their renewal fee, or simply decided against it. Either way, this creates new opportunities daily for a market that's competitive and profitable. To be successful, people use services like ours to automate the process and give themselves an advantage over their competition.

Our drop catching system monitors your desired domain names and works to automatically register them by sending multiple registration requests to the registry each second. This type of system has a much higher success rate when compared to those trying to register an expired domain by hand. AutoBackorder is the only system you need to automatically monitor and attempt to register expired domain names each day. With the ability to fire requests off to 8 different registrars simultaneously, you can feel confident our system will be able to grab some of the expired domains you're chasing!

Does AutoBackorder Work?

Our system is very user-friendly and simple to use. Register for a free account and then login to begin the process. Prepay funds into your account or setup a PayPal subscription to handle the cost of domain registrations. Then, add the domains you want and select the registrars you want to try and catch with. Our system will automatically determine the drop time and attempt to catch the domain for you.

When chasing after a domain, there will be two possible outcomes:

1) You successfully catch the domain and are billed the amount you agreed to when submitting it.

2) You did not catch the domain successfully and will be billed absolutely nothing.

Why Drop Catch Expired Domains?

The purpose for drop catching an expired domain can be different for everyone. In fact, expired domains have become an extremely popular way for SEO experts, domain investors and website developers to consistently obtain new domains in extensions that are quickly becoming scarce when it comes to quality. Some people chase them to park or flip, while others do it so they can develope a website or build a private blog network. Regardless of what you chase domains for, drop catching is done by everyone so they can increase their odds of being successful.

Hundreds of people scan daily lists of deleting domains to find new names they want to own. With so much competition and demand out there, it's important to do whatever you can to beat your competitor. Hoping to register a quality domain by hand likely won't happen at this day in age because your competitors will be using systems like AutoBackorder to beat you every single time.