Our Features

Our team of domain experts and knowledgeable coders have teamed up to create a unique system that's full of features you won't find at other competing backorder outlets. That's exactly why so many domainers and website professionals use AutoBackorder every single day! Listed below are just a few of the amazing features you'll be able to enjoy when using our services.

Multiple Registrars Supported

By registering domains with an arsenal of over a half dozen different registrars, our drop catching system is able to run significantly faster than manual registration or those trying to register domains through software that uses only one registrar. Our system has the ability to simultaneously run and attempt to register expired domains through DynaDot, Network Solutions, NameSilo, Hexonet, RRPproxy, Name.com, OnlineNIC, and NameCheap.

Lowest Prices Around the Industry

Stop paying too much for expired domain name registrations! Premium domains are an exception here, but most other backorder services online charge between $19 and $59 per catch. Our system doesn't have the overhead that these other websites do which means we're able to charge a lower fee. Avoid paying double or triple the cost of a normal registration by using AutoBackorder to catch expired domain names for slightly above the cost of registering it by hand.

Several Extensions Supported

The ability for users to chase domain names in virtually every extension helps make us their one-stop-shop for drop catching expired domains. Other services only don't just charge you more, most also only support two or three different extensions. AutoBackorder and the domain registrars it utilizes have the ability to register everything from the most popular to extensions, to ccTLDs, or even the newest gTLDs. If an extension is available to the public, we can probably catch it!

Automatic Drop Time Determination

Determining the drop time for a variety of different domain extensions can be a difficult task. Thankfully, our team has already done all the hard work for you! When submitting a domain to our system it will determine the proper drop period for that extension and only run when needed. That means you don't have to worry about schedules or chasing after a domain during a period of time when it has no possibility of becoming available to the public.

Continuous Website Updates

We constantly monitor registrar news and activities to assure our system is always up-to date and running at the fastest possible speeds. Our developers have extensive knowledge in working with registrars to know exactly what is required for obtaining the highest possible success rates. Use the AutoBackorder system with confidence knowing that you're always chasing expired domain names using the latest technology that's available!